Made with Love

by Students of LESA

Made in the U.S.A. - Howell, Michigan



"Lacey's has helped me be a better leader, interact with other workers, and learn how to bake."

-David Crider


"I have worked with Lacey's the past couple of years, and it has taught me good team work, to be a better worker, and respect for others.”

-Samantha Tackett


"I have worked at Lacey's for about 2 years, and it has helped me working in a team, learning baking a lot better, and skills I need to get a real job."

- Kelsey Rockman


"Lacey's has helped me become a hard worker, and it has helped me a lot in the community in how I work."

-Brian Porter


"Lacey’s helped me be a good worker, follow task lists, follow instructions, be a good teammate, and have a good attitude."

- Taylor Stevenson

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Thank you

Thank you Lacey and her owner Beth,

for tirelessly bringing happiness to others! Thank you to all our friends that continue to support us with purchases of our product.

Cost for all size bags is $3.00 each.

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