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by Students of LESA

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Student Skills for Employment...

Through their work at Lacey’s, students learn the following employment skills:

     •  Being on time to a jobsite

     •  Starting and finishing a task to completion

     •  Consistency

     •  Asking for more work

     •  Solving problems at work

     •  Who to go to if they have a question

     •  Using break time appropriately

     •  Using a task list

     •  Following directions

     •  Working with other people

     •  Teamwork and interpersonal skills

     •  Scheduling work on a calendar

     •  Reporting to work on time

     •  How, when, and to whom to disclose a disability


If students have participated in tiered employment opportunities through LESA Adult Transition Services, potential employers might expect the following skills:

     •  Collating, clerical work, some filing

     •  Recycling (Shredding, sorting, staple pulling, washing of recyclables)

     •  Assembling

     •  Packaging

     •  Light janitorial/cleaning work (Windows, vacuuming, folding towels, bathrooms, etc.)

     •  Stocking shelves

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