Across America, people with developmental disabilities face many challenges in becoming an active part of the community. Additionally, many face unemployment due to their lack of job skills necessary to succeed in our economy.


Lacey's Dog Biscuit company provides students the opportunity to produce, market and sell a product while developing universal work skills. This company is named after our volunteer therapy dog, Lacey. She has inspired us to create our own business "Lacey's Love Dog Biscuits".


These jobs make the students feel proud, give them a sense of purpose and also give them their first taste into the working world. Please stop by one of our events and support our Pathway and adult transition students in the great job they are doing in the community!

Vision: For students to have a work experience with real and meaningful tasks

Goal: For students to complete real work tasks as independently as possible

Click the video to see how the biscuits are made!

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